Friday, June 21, 2019

Happy Summer!

Enjoy your summer!  I'm busy spending time with my family and friends and also taking a course about elementary science education.

I will be in Room 111 on Tuesday, Sept. 3 from 3:15-4 for a "Sneak Peek" of my room.  Room 111 families can drop off supplies and say hello for a few minutes.  The supplies list is here!

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Wednesday, June 19, 2019

180 Days Strong!

What an amazing year I have had with your sons and daughters! I am so excited by their curiosity, creativity and effort.  Second grade will be a wonderful next stop for each of them!

Thank you Thank you Thank you! I am so grateful for the lovely end of year gifts that he class gave me!  We thoroughly enjoyed playing with the magnetic blocks and I cannot wait to use the storage cart next year. And the storage bins are already being used for our indoor recess toys!  Finally, the gift cards to Cataldo's and Forge and Vine are so very thoughtful!  My garden and my family thank you!

Have a delightful summer and enjoy the last photos from our last week!

My deepest thank you to each of you!
Mrs. S.

Saturday, June 15, 2019

Busy Busy Busy

Ask your child about the photos below!

I will be sending an email later this weekend with all of our end of year details.

Friday, June 7, 2019

Orange! A week of outdoor fun

What a week! 

Monday and Friday we spent a fun time outdoors. We had a blast during our field day and backyard games!  
Ask your children about our fun!

Math!  Composing (putting shapes together to create a new shape) with 5 squares was a great partner activity this week.  We kept track of it by writing tallies and drawing models on our desks!

Reading! We will be finishing our last Journeys theme next week: teamwork! The students will enjoy a story by Mia Hamm.  Did you know she once wanted to quit soccer because she didn't always score a goal?

Science!  Our last science activity was extremely exciting this week!  We became hoppies, swimmies or planties and got our food (pom poms) based on a few simple rules.  Thank goodness planties make more food for our habitat!

Our last full week will be VERY full!

Tuesday: Bubbles in school field trip
Wednesday: Art Show 5-7
Thursday: Math mania...wear orange! We will travel to 2 other first grade classrooms and enjoy some unique math activities! As well, we will complete a very special tech project!
Friday: Flag Day...wear red, white and blue and First Grade Board Game/Play Day!  
Students may bring in stuffed animals, crafts, or non-electronic card or board games.  Everything must fit in their backpack.  I will supply all the other games and activities.

Here is the link to all our first grade activities

Have a great weekend,
Mrs. S.

Friday, May 31, 2019

We "OWL" had a great week!

Our short week was packed! Our focus was science, habitats, and owls!  Drumlin Farm came with a painted turtle and an eastern screech owl! Then Friday we dissected owl pellets! My thank you to Alanna's and Sam's moms! 

In order for the Owls to come and the grade to see them, we gave up our classroom for the morning! Your sons and daughters were fabulous as we moved to the cafeteria.  Ask them about our yoga studio!

Monday will be our Field Day!  Make sure to check Miss Taylor and Ms. Carlson's announcements and our first grade events list for upcoming events.

Enjoy your weekend!
Mrs. S.

Thursday, May 23, 2019

Outdoor Learning Day was a Success!

The great outdoors was our classroom today as we had reading, math and our engineering project outside.

I am so grateful to the families who donated chalk, spray bottles, water, and popscicles (we did not get to eat the popscicles, so we will save them for a HOT day in the future).  And we could not have had a successful day without parent sincere thank you to Jackson's mom, Eden's dad, Sophia's mom, Louis ' dad, and Aubrey's mom.  Whew! I'm exhausted from the fun and I bet your children are too!

During our engineering project, we also had Mrs. McGregor's expertise! .  Partners are making "function machines" and the creativity and engineering skills are impressive!  We will use them to practice math facts in class...students can make their own at home thanks to what hey learned during this very hands-on way to plan, build, and improve a design.  

Enjoy these great photos of our day!
Have a lovely long weekend,
Mrs. S.

Friday, May 17, 2019

Too Many Adventures to List!

Goodness we had fun this week!

This weekend, snuggle up with your child and have them tell you all about it!  The pictures below will help them remember!

Have a lovely time,
Mrs. S.